Iron Bowl Thoughts

Well, I have had some time to recover from the Iron Bowl and now believe that I can emerge and share some thoughts...

  • I was glad to see that it was a close game. I don't care much for blowouts (unless my team is blowing the other one out).  A good close college football game is always a joy to watch.

  • As David Nasser tweeted moments after the game, "the second half of life matters much more than the first half. don't give up & finish well." I think that this was the biggest thing other than an upset stomach that I walked away with from the Iron Bowl.  No matter how great or gloomy it looks like right now, keep pressing on because until that final whistle blows, it ain't over!

  • Family time is important. This year, my mother, father, wife and sons joined me in the watching of the Iron Bowl.  It was great to have them all around me.  It reminded me of what the body of Christ (the church) is supposed to be like.  Check out 1 Corinthians 12:12-27 and see that we need each other in good times and bad.