Christmas Present

This year was another first for our family. This year was
the first one for our family to celebrate with two children. I
wondered how crazy it would be for us with two children. It wasn't
too bad really. I think the past two years having one helped
prepare us for the craziness that could be. Christmas has always
been an interesting time for our family. 2007 had our then 3 month
old Drew in the ER with a virus. 2008 was taking Drew to a
doc-in-the-box for some kind of bug. Last year was a little quiet
with no visits to medical facilities during Christmas. What would
2010 hold? 2010 gave us a very unexpected present. We found out
that we are expecting our third child! Definitely not a planned
thing, but now that the shock has worn off, it's something we're
looking forward to. Now 2011 will be an interesting Christmas for