Blessed By Giving

Tonight was a special night for us. Early in the evening we went to the doctor to see if our three year old was correct. He kept telling us that we were having twins.

Normally, this wouldn't bother me, but the fact that he called our second child correctly (even down to the name) before we knew we were expecting caused concern and expectation on my part. Well, the three year old missed this one. We are only having one this time, and that's okay.

Seeing that little one and heartbeat was amazing. That was just the beginning of an amazing night. We decided to celebrate our 7th anniversary tonight. The real date is this coming Monday, but tonight was just a better night. We had no clue what God was up to.

We went to a local hibachi place for a nice dinner. There wasn't many people there so it made for a nice evening where we could actually hear each other. We were joined by a family of 5 at our grill. During the meal, we struck up conversation. When the subject of my profession (minister) came up, it went to another level. This family were believers who attend a fellowship in the area.

As the meal wound down, everyone began to get ready to leave. To my surprise, this family that we just met picked up our check and paid for our meal. Explanation: appreciation for the work I do (ministry of the Gospel).

It's amazing how God will just show up with a little happy for His children every now and then. To the Tomlinson's, thank you again for the blessing.