Never Cease to Be Amazed

Wednesday night was a special night in our student ministry. I had asked a couple of our graduating seniors to take a night and share with the group. I knew that they'd do great (that's why I asked them to do it), but this night left me sitting with my jaw on the floor.

Last night, the first senior stepped up to the plate and knocked it out of the park. She shared about something that in her words, "has changed her life." She spoke about the importance of studying the word of God. She had put together a worksheet to go along with her presentation that was just awesome. I even was shown something that I had never seen before from Isaiah 6.

I never cease to be amazed at how God will use anyone in a mighty way as long as they are humble before Him and allow Him to do it. I love to watch God use students to spread His message. I love to see students blossom as they grow in their faith and realize that God can use them and is using them at that moment.

If you are in student ministry, make sure that you are giving your students opportunities to shine. They are ready. They are just waiting to get the chance to see God do something awesome through them.