The Past Week

The past week now seems like a blur. I remember heading to the local Wal-Mart to gather some materials for a game in our student ministry on January 23 when my cell phone rang. The lady on the other side said, "your mother has taken a turn for the worse and we cannot get her to respond."

Those are words that cut deep. I would spend 16 of the next 48 hours simply driving to take care of mom's final arrangements with my sister. The words of encouragement through texts, emails, Facebook, and phone calls began to pour in.

Finally Wednesday and Thursday mostly was spent remembering the mighty woman known to me, my sister, and later my wife as "mom". All the holidays... the pride she had in her two little men (our sons)... her faith in Jesus and now reality that she is seeing Him face-to-face.

The past week has been tough with mom's trek to glory, but not as tough as I thought it would be. As a minister, I have taught many times about a Christian's joy in death as they shed this body corrupted by sin and enter the eternal dwelling place prepared for them by Jesus (John 14:1-7). I guess it really hit home when my mom experienced this firsthand. It was also in this moment that I realized even more fully that this was not a sermon or lesson from a book... this was reality!

On Sunday, January 23, my mom saw Jesus face-to-face. I will not see her face again this side of heaven except in memories and pictures. The Holy Spirit has truly ministered to our family through many avenues. To all who have been the arms of Christ extending His grace and encouragement for the moment, my family thanks you more than you know. Jesus, to You be all the glory and thank You for the time I had with mom and using her for Your glory.