Path to Great Things

I had the opportunity to share with the fellowship at First Baptist Church of Birmingham, AL where I'm on staff last week. Our pastor is in Kazakhstan on a mission trip. I had the privilege of filling in for him.

I shared about the path to great things as laid out in the parable of the minas from Luke 19. In this parable, Jesus is speaking about the importance of faithfulness.

We all want to experience greater and mightier things of God. Jesus said that those who believe and follow Him would do even greater things than He did while on earth (John 14:12). Do you see greater things than sight restored to the blind, lame men walking, dead brought back to life? Many of us just long for a glimpse of what Jesus did.

I really believe that the path to great things of God is obedience and faithfulness in the little things. God will not entrust great tasks to those who who are unfaithful in the little tasks. Some things may seem below us, but if God has asked us to do something then it is important. Oftentimes the tools needed for the great tasks ahead are found in the menial tasks of today.

What is standing between you and the great things of God? When you realize the importance of the menial tasks of today and how they can equip you for the next step, they become not so menial.

Ask God to do great things in and through you, but also be found faithful with what he has put on your plate already.