Reflections From My Birthday

I had the privilege of celebrating my 32nd birthday today. It was a good day indeed. I thought that I'd share a few reflections about this year's birthday.

  • It was truly a blessing to make it to 32. I thought about some of the friends from years past that didn't make it to 32. Each day, month, year is truly a gift from the Lord; use them wisely.

  • Family makes it great. On Sunday, my dad and sister came to share a meal with us in celebration. It was great having them here and hanging out with them. Tonight, I was treated by my wife and boys to a steak dinner at Outback. It was so much fun just being with them and spending some time just as a family. As I was putting my oldest son to bed tonight, he told me that his favorite part of my birthday was him getting to spend it with me. Now that's what I signed up for.

  • I miss my mom. This was my first birthday without my mom here to call me up, drop me a card, or spend it with me. It was a little weird, but okay. Being reminded that she don't have to worry with the junk of diabetes or other health problems and that she's hanging out with Jesus was good.

  • I have the greatest wife in the entire world. Even though she is pregnant with our third child and takes care of two rowdy boys all day, she did what she could to make sure that today was as restful as possible for me. To Naomi, thank you so much for loving me.

  • I'm thankful for the friends I have. I know that just because they are friends on Facebook does not always mean that they are friends. I had many comments and messages (mostly through Facebook) from some great friends though. The words of encouragement from those whom I call friends was very uplifting today. To those who took time out of your busy lives and said/sent some word to me, I thank you.

  • In case I forgot, I ain't as young as I used to be. I believe that I finally got the idea some time ago that I'm not a youth anymore, nor am I necessarily "cool". Today, it really sank in further that I'm an adult and have to live like one. I believe it was Doug Fields that said if you are over 24, then you're not cool... deal with it. I really actually had the thought today, "I really don't care if I'm 'cool' or not. I am exactly who God made me to be." I think next comes the shorts with black church socks.