Lessons From Parenthood

The past couple of days have been really cool as God has reminded me just how much He is using my children to teach me about my relationship with Him.  Two instances from the past day or so really stand out.

  1. I was helping Sam (our 10 month old) with his walking by holding his hands while he made his way across the room.  He would take a couple of steps and then stop and look up at me.  He would wait for me to acknowledge him and tell him that he was doing good.  He would just smile and continue on.  It was at that moment that God reminded me that's how I should be.  Take a couple of steps all the while holding onto to my Father's hand and taking the time to stop and make sure that I'm doing it right and going in the right direction (Exodus 33:14-16).

  2. As I was sitting in my office this morning, I heard the sounds of children playing outside my window (my office overlooks our church's playground).  Through all of the noise, I heard one distinct voice: my oldest son, Drew.  It wasn't because he was being rowdy or overly loud, but rather I just knew that voice.  I could pick it out of a crowd and zone in to where he was.  I watched as my 3 year old was playing something (who knows what his imagination had come up with), and I found myself just smiling.  I could hear the whisper of God in my ears saying, "You know, I hear you out of the crowd, too.  I also take joy in seeing you use the gifts that I've given you to the fullest."  (Exodus 33:16-18)

It is amazing sometimes the avenues and different things that God will use to teach His children about Himself.  Keep your eyes and ears open and hear the words of God.


pk said...

Dude, that was awesome. Thanks for sharing! Great encouragement as a parent.

Anthony said...

I thought it was pretty cool, too. Thanks.