Must Read: "The Minister As Shepherd" by Charles Edward Jefferson

I came across this book from the Senior Pastor at First Baptist Church of Birmingham, Alabama.  He was reading it some time ago and encouraged our church fellowship to find a copy and check it out.  I looked around for a copy of it and found it to be FREE on Google Books.  You can download a copy of it for yourself by clicking here.  You can also get it on Amazon or CBD (if you want a hard copy) for under $10.

I can't say totally how glad I am to have taken our pastor's advice and got this book.  If you are a pastor of any kind (senior pastor, senior adult, youth, children, college, singles, etc) then you need to check this book out.  It is one of the greatest works that I've come across drawing attention back to the necessity of a pastor being a shepherd.  It was very convicting and inspiring all at the same time.