When God Says No

It is important to know that when you pray, God will answer in one of three ways...

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Wait

We all like it when God answers with a "Yes" to our prayers.  It is very encouraging to know that your will has lined up perfectly with God's and He has granted your request.

The third answer ("Wait") can be one of the most trying and aggravating answers to our prayers.  Let's be honest, we are an impatient people (especially in the United States).  We have been fed the lines like "Have it your way, right away" for so long that it has become a part of our natural thinking.

What about when God answers "No".  This can be a very difficult thing for some.  To think that God wouldn't see things the way that we do, or that He would keep something away from us seems foreign.  If this seems foreign then we need a spiritual check up.  How did we get to the point that it was all about us?  Our prayers are ways that God has appointed to line us up with His will.  We must remember that He is the Sovereign One (not us).

Our family has been praying specifically about a situation for some six months or so now.  We had been hearing "wait" for some time, but then the "no" came.  This could have wrecked our faith and sidelined us, but it didn't.  God has been teaching us greatly that He is in control and His plans are best.  When we keep those truths in the forefront of our minds, then the "no's" of God are not prohibitions but protections for us to keep us on track for what He has for us.  When God says "no", it is just Him being the good Father for His children and pointing them to His best (even away from good or better).

If you have been praying about something and God has said, "No", understand that your heavenly Father has it all under control... He sees the end before the beginning... He knows what's best in the long run.  Trust your Father and watch how He will point you to something way better.