Big Vote Tomorrow

November 8, 2011 will be an important day in the history of Mississippi and the United States. There will be elections as usual. One key vote will be on what is known as Amendment 26. It has to do with when a person is actually considered a person. The proposed amendment states that personhood starts at conception. You can read more about the amendment here.

If this vote goes through as "yes", it will be a major blow to the abortion industry here in Mississippi and will open a big can of worms across the nation as similar amendments are being discussed in other states.

I believe that Mississippi, a state that is seen as backwards and at the bottom of many barrels, has a chance to lead the nation in the right direction. They are the first to step up and take a step in righting a very wrong decision (Roe v Wade).

I know that there has been much objection to this amendment. Many have said that it will open the doors to many calamities. Some are scared by the vagueness of the amendment. I honestly think that the amendment could have been a little more specific in certain areas, but overall I believe it is a step in the right direction.

The key thing for those who both agree and disagree with this amendment is that you need to exercise your freedom and privilege as an American citizen: GET OUT AND VOTE!!! I am praying for God's will to be done in this situation and look forward to how this will turn out.