I'm Thankful: Day 5

Day 5: Mentors

As I think about things in my life that I'm thankful for mentors from my past rise to the top quickly. These are people that have taken time out of their lives in order to pour into me and shape me in my faith. These people did not have to take the time to help shape this hard-headed young man, but they did. For their investment I am eternally grateful.

Joey Savell - Joey was my youth pastor growing up. He was instrumental in knowing what it meant to be called of God into vocational ministry. After I shared with my home church about my calling, Joey was quick to take me under his wing and showed me some of the ropes. He gave me opportunities to preach and help plan events for our student ministry. As the apostle Paul was a spiritual father to a young pastor, Timothy, Joey has played that role in my life. I still to this day call Joey up when I need advice in ministry matters. Joey is currently serving as the Senior Pastor at Pineview Baptist Church in Harvest, Alabama.

Dan Perez - Dan was one of my first small group leaders as a teenager. Dan showed me what it looked like to live the Christian life on a daily basis. He constantly opened his home to me and my friends for fellowship and Bible studies. Dan has had a continual presence in my life through prayer, discussions, and other avenues.

Dr. Douglas Bain - Dr. Bain was one of my Bible professors at Blue Mountain College. He was a tough professor. His classes were very demanding. One thing that I quickly learned about my time at Blue Mountain College was that this man was one who was full of much wisdom. Though I didn't always excel in the classes that I took under Dr. Bain, the conversations that I had with him in his office or the student center were things that I will cherish forever. It has been so good to have someone that I can call up at pretty much anytime of the day and get a fresh wind of wisdom on situations.

Dr. Stan Lewis - I was introduced to Dr. Lewis in 2007 as I began my seminary journey with New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. He taught a couple of classes at the Pensacola extension center and supervised it. He quickly showed me how to take the knowledge learned about ministry and the importance of making it very practical. In 2008, I had the privilege to come on staff with Dr. Lewis at First Baptist Church of Birmingham, Alabama as a student pastor. He always kept an open door to me. I would talk with him often about ministry things. Dr. Lewis was key in helping me understand and work through the transition that God has been bringing me through from student ministry to pastoral ministry (senior pastor).

These are just a couple of the mentors that God has blessed me with over the few years that I've lived. I have learned from them the importance of pouring your life into others. A legacy doesn't just happen... it has to be intentional. If you have been blessed by having mentor(s) in your life, thank God and let them know what they mean to you.

Who are you pouring your life in to?