Reflections from Worship Today

I thought I'd share a little of what God spoke to me about during the worship service that we were a part of this morning at Hillcrest Baptist Church. We have been going thru a series which is the vision the church feels is what God wants them to do this year. It hinges on four words: love, lead, liberate, and launch.

In today's message, the pastor made a statement that has been rolling in my head since it was made. He said,

"If you're not willing to spend the time in the prayer closet, don't expect to see God do the miracles through you."

This statement was in response to Mark 9:14-29. A concerned father had brought his demon-possessed son to Jesus' disciples for healing. They weren't able to cast the demon out and didn't know why. Jesus said that these kind come out only by prayer and fasting.


There are many who want to see and experience the great things of God. There are few that are willing to do what it takes to experience the great movements of God: intense time in the prayer closet.

Be encouraged as I was this morning. God is inviting us to join Him in great things, but it starts in the prayer closet.