Mistaken Identity

I had spent a great deal of time trying to upload an assignment for one of my classes at a local library. I was feeling very frustrated because the assignment would not upload correctly. I was sitting in my car trying to "cool off" before going back to the house when it happened.

A sweet, little, old lady approached my car and reached for the door handle. I lowered my window and asked if I could help her. I believe she was close to a heart attack. She stumbled back and said, "Well, this ain't my car."

All I could do was smile (to keep from laughing). I motioned to the car next to mine that looked similar to mine in color and all. (Side note: do I drive a granny car? Anyways...) This sweet lady walked to her car embarrassed as I begin to think about the many times I had done the same thing.

It was at that moment that the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart and said, "How often do people mistake you for Jesus?"

The term "Christian" carries the meaning of "little Christ." If we are said to be "little Christs" in this world, how often are we mistaken for Jesus? Our lives should be lived in a way that this could be a common occurrence. I'll be the first to admit that it doesn't happen near as much in my life as it should. It is my prayer though that as I am being molded into the image of Jesus by the work of the Holy Spirit that this occurrence will be more frequent.