Bogged Down

Yesterday, our family was getting ready for a family trip to Walmart. We made sure the boys were dressed and had their shoes on... check! We made sure we had the bags for the little ones in case a changing was needed... check! We were all loaded in the Explorer (commonly called "Dora") and ready to head to Walmart. Then it happened.

As we were backing out of the driveway, I was trying to be careful and not hit our other car. All of the sudden, we felt the Explorer tilt to the left a little. In my attempts not to hit our other car, I had been successful in getting the Explorer stuck in the mud of a place that we had to fill in with dirt.

I did everything I knew to do to get our SUV out of the mud and on its way to Walmart. I gave it gas... nothing. I turned the wheels... nothing. I put some boards under it to help the back wheels grab some traction... nothing. Finally, I had to do what every man hates doing down deep inside: I had to call for help. One of our deacons stopped by because he heard we were stuck. He pulled us out with his truck. We were soon on our way.

I was reminded that there are times when we get ourselves in a deep, muddy predicament. We try to get ourselves out of the predicament, but all we seem to do is dig ourselves deeper in the mud. We need to be humble enough to call on those that can help: those who have the tools (previous experience), the ability, the "want to", we need these people in our lives. We also need the humility to call out to them and allow them to exercise their gifts.

Next time you get stuck in the mud, don't be afraid or too proud to call out for help. There are just some situations that are too much for you alone.