The past couple of days have been a great time for my wife and I. We have had the opportunity to spend time with some great friends. Thursday, we had dinner and shared some laughs with a young family in our faith family. Yesterday, we got to have lunch with some good friends who we do not get to see very often. Today, we will celebrate the birthday of one our best friends' daughter at their house.

This all seems so casual and "no big deal," but when you have not had many close friends over the past few years, it's a HUGE deal. Though we have been surrounded by people on every side, it has not been easy building friendships with others.

I've heard it said that those in ministry have a hard time building quality friendships with others because of various reasons. I know that there have been numerous things that have tried to keep us from building some good, quality friendships.

I am so thankful for the friends that I have personally. I know that I can speak on behalf of our family in saying that we thank God for the good friends we have. We also look forward to making some new friendships that we can celebrate later down the road.