No More Sermons

I have decided to remove the link from this blog to sermons that I have preached in the past.  This decision came about because of a couple of reasons.

  1. Time.  I am finding myself with less time than before to make sure that sermons are recorded correctly and posted here in a timely fashion. For those who had been checking out that page, the "newest" sermon was the one I delivered at First Baptist Birmingham, Alabama back in August 2011.

  2. Focus on writing.  This is supposed to be a blog... a place where one can write down their thoughts and share with the world.  This is not a place necessarily to post my sermons.  I would like to focus this blog more to writing out my thoughts.  I would like to experiment some with doing a video blog.

  3. Sermons found at New Life Fellowship.  The Lord has blessed me with the amazing opportunity to be the Lead Pastor at New Life Fellowship.  Each week, I have the blessing of sharing God's Word through preaching each week.  We have recently started recording the messages and making them available through the church website and iTunes.  If one was looking to hear what I have to say via preaching, I would encourage you to check out those sites.