Pray For the Crowe Family

As I sit here getting ready for bed, I am so excited to see my oldest son tomorrow.  He has spent the past weekend at his aunt and uncle's house.  This was the first time that he has stayed away from home (other than with grandparents).  I was very proud of him that he didn't call home because he was away from Mommy and Daddy.  Part of me is sad for that very same reason.

At the same time that I'm so excited about getting to see my son, I am also deeply saddened for a family that I know: the Crowe family.  I met the dad (John David) while I was a youth pastor in Madison, Alabama.  He had

a great band that did a thing for us one time.  I talked with now and then as our paths crossed (mainly through common friends).

The last time I spoke with John David, I was talking into a phone from the waiting room of a hospital in Birmingham.  I was praying along with him for his child, Noah.  Noah was there for treatment of a brain tumor.  It was one of the hardest "visits" I have had to make because Noah was just a couple of months younger than my oldest son.

I got word today that little Noah had left this world and ran into the arms of Jesus.  He is no longer having to deal with the pain of the brain tumor nor the ways in which it was affecting his little body.  While he is no longer suffering, his parents are having to pick up these pieces, lay them in the hands of Jesus, and trust Him to put them back together.

I have not had the opportunity to speak with John David or Jess (his wife) since hearing the news, but I'm sure that they appreciate all the prayers for them during this time. There is information about a memorial service that will be held on Saturday, May 26, 2012 at 6pm at Friendship United Methodist Church in Athens, AL.  More details of that service and a link to watch live for those who cannot attend can be found at www.prayfornoah.com.

Please remember this family in your prayers.