The Church

At New Life Fellowship where I serve as Lead Pastor, we have started a new series called "Ekklesia." For those who do not know, ekklesia is a Greek term that is commonly translated "church" in the New Testament. We are going through this series and examining what the New Testament has to say about the church.

I am really enjoying the studying that is going into this series. I am encouraged by our congregation because they really want to do this thing right. Pretty much all of our congregation has been part of a local church for a good portion of their lives. As we examine the Scriptures, we are seeing that the plan that God put in place is much more simple than we often make it.

It amazes me how many churches think that they have to be doing every program under the sun or they are not serving the Lord. If we (the local churches together, not just one) are the Body of Christ, why does one local congregation think they need to do it all? Where is the body? I do not have anything against programs in themselves. I have a problem when the program runs the church instead of the other way around. I have encouraged our congregation that we will have some programs going, but only those that help us accomplish our mission and no program is above being changed or even axed.

When you think about the local church, what comes to mind? How do programs help/hurt the work that your local church does in your community?


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