PHBC Youth Camp Day 1

Today was the beginning of the youth camp for Pleasant Home Baptist Church from Soso, MS. My good friend is the youth pastor and had invited me to come and be the camp pastor for them. The great thing about this is that I was able to bring along my family. Now my free time has become our vacation time as a family.

The journey to Panama City Beach was a good one. There were no hiccups, for which I'm grateful. We had the opportunity to stop and eat lunch at Chick-fil-A in Spanish Fort where we got to see a really awesome thing take place. A summer rain shower came up (which is very common in that area). All of the sudden, I noticed employees of this fast food restaurant walking people to their cars with umbrellas. WOW! From a fast good place? Yep. You don't even get that kind of service from fancy places. The church could learn something about true service from that picture - always be looking for people's needs and ways that you have been equipped to help.

The first service of youth camp started out well. We talked about the stories that God was authoring thru us. I got some good feedback and hopefully we've set the scene to see God do some great things. Now to get some rest because the beach is calling us tomorrow!