Great Leadership Takes Courage

20120901-161540.jpgTonight, two college football teams will take the field of battle in Dallas, TX. The Alabama Crimson Tide and the Michigan Wolverines will play in one of the nation's most anticipated kickoff games of college football. It is no secret who I will be cheering for. I am a Crimson Tide fan through and through. I am excited about another season of college football and hoping that the boys from Tuscaloosa can repeat as champs this year.

Something else grabbed my attention about this game though. As it is now well known, Michigan has suspended two key players for tonight's game. One of these players is their star running back. This was a bold move by Coach Hoke. Knowing that you will not have one of your main weapons in the game against the defending national champions and defensive powerhouse and to still make this move is amazing.

This is where you see that Coach Hoke is a true leader. This move was by no means a popular move. That is what makes it great. Coach Hoke seems more concerned with teaching his team (and the nation) what true leadership looks like.

I am not a Michigan fan in sports, but this week I became a Coach Hoke fan because he showed what a great leader has to do sometimes.