When It Clicks


There are different terms for it. Alignment. Sweet Spot. Groove. It is that moment when you know that things are flowing as they should. You know that you have done exactly what you were supposed to do.

In ministry, the is an awesome feeling. To know that for once your selfishness has not gotten in the way of what God is doing. Some circumstance hasn't blown the flow. Sure, you want that feeling every time, but the truth is that it is more rare than common.

Today was one of those moments for me. I preached a message that I had been preparing for the end of the year looking forward to the next year. I knew the passage that God was wanting me to use, but wrestled with how to flesh it out. It came together. I prayed for this message. I got up and gave it all I had. Many came forward to pray and do private business with God. Then, it begin to happen.

One gentleman came forward and asked me to pray with him. He asked me the question, "were you preaching to me?" God had preached to this man's heart. As people finished up their business at the altar, we closed the service.

This evening, I got a call from one of our church members who wanted to share something with me. Another gentleman who was at this morning's service came by his house. God had been dealing with him. After talking some, this man gave his life to the Lord. Our church member shared with me because he wanted me to know what God was doing with what I did with the message God gave me to share.

When it clicks, hits the sweet spot, gets in the groove or whatever you want to call it, it is a beautiful thing. It is beautiful because it is us stepping to the side and letting Jesus shine bright and clear. Amazing things happen when we do this.