A Divided Heart

I know that the title of this post may seem a little out of place, but it is the description of what I'm feeling right now. This weekend I have the opportunity to visit one of the places I have loved for most of my life: Birmingham, Alabama.

There has been a sweet spot in my heart for Birmingham from the time I was a little boy. It was at Legion Field that I got to see my first Alabama football game. It was there where two of my three sons were born. God blessed me with the opportunity to serve in ministry there for a little over three years not long ago. It was in Birmingham that the Lord drew my heart to the pastorate from student ministry.

A big part of me is excited to see the big city and some great friends again.

Then there's the other part...

The reason for this trip. Even with it I am torn. I have been asked to do the funeral of a former youth. I am honored that this family would call on me to speak words of encouragement and share the Gospel. That part I'm excited about.

The part I'm not excited about is having to say "good-bye" to a former student. When a young person dies, it tugs deeply at my heart. The thought of potential that is gone. The experiences that they will not have like getting married, having children, etc.

As you can see, I am torn. Even though I'm torn, I have accepted this call to share the Gospel and minister to this family. I ask for your prayers as I share but also for the family as they say good-bye to their son.


Christy said...

Man, that's hard, Anthony! I'll be praying for you and all affected by this loss.