Celebrating 34

I can remember watching it on tv. I can remember it like it was yesterday. One of my earliest memories of the game of football was watching #34 in the Super Bowl. He went by the nickname "Sweetness." Walter Payton was one of my first exposures to the game that I love dearly today. I know that people have different opinions about the man behind the number 34, but as a running back he was one of, if not the greatest.

Today, I again think of that number. 34. That's the age that I will turn at 10:35pm today. It has been 34 years since God allowed me to come into this world. The past 34 years have been some good ones. Times of laughter and tears. Joys and pains.

To my bride and boys... My family and friends... Thanks for making this birthday one that can be described by the term that described one of my favorite running backs: Sweetness.