Silent Saturday


Anxious days.

I can't stand anxious days. Those days when you know something is coming (or you hope so), and you have to wait for it. Yesterday, I did good with the wait of my birthday present. I was told what it would be (new iPad mini) but had to wait until Friday to go get it. On the way, we had a make a detour due to a child who got carsick.

With all the wait, I thought back to a moment when I was a little child and waiting on Christmas morning. I laid there all night long awaiting what would greet me under the tree that morning.

This morning my thoughts went back to what seems to me the most anxious day in the history of mankind: the Saturday between the crucifixion and the resurrection.

Think about it.

There was all kinds of emotions swirling as Jesus paid our sin debt upon the cross. The skies turning black at midday. The earthquake. The veil in the Temple tearing. There is no doubt that Friday was a full day.

We look now and know that that Sunday morning was filled with excitement as Jesus proved to be exactly who He said He was. He defeated death and hell! The new life that God promised was finally available to those who would believe in Jesus!

That Saturday in between had to be the worst day of history. The anxiousness of the day would have done me in. After coming down from the emotions of Friday only to be welcomed by thoughts and maybe small reminders of Jesus' words...

For as Jonah was in the belly of the great fish three days and three nights, so the Son of Man will be in the heart of the earth three days and three nights. (Matthew 12:40 HCSB)

Those thoughts I believe would have torn me to pieces. Would He really be back? What would happen on that third day? So many questions. But Jesus answered them all on Sunday morning when He said, "I'm back!"

How will you spend this day of pondering? I would encourage you to think about the price Jesus paid for your sins - He gave His life. Let that prepare you for the celebration that will take place all across our globe Sunday morning, as the Church declares: "He is risen!"