Which Do You Prefer?


As a minister, I have been told by more seasoned ministers that they would prefer to do a funeral over a wedding any day.  I have always found this to be very interesting.  I have done a few weddings in my time in ministry.  Some have been some of the greatest times.  Others have been... well... interesting to say the least.

There was one wedding that I performed where I just had that gut feeling that something was up.  I had walked with the couple through a few sessions of counseling, and they jumped through the hoops with all the "right" answers.  Moments before the wedding was to start, I was told by the bride's mother: "She doesn't even look like she's pregnant, does she?"  Wow.

This past weekend, I did the message at a funeral for a former student of mine.  It was tough and emotional to say the least.  He was a young man who had made a bad decision. Thankfully, the Gospel was there to bring hope and healing.

With these two very emotional and special events in the lives of people, I have been thinking about that statement that was shared with me about preferring a funeral over a wedding.  I would have to say that I do not share that preference.  Though the hope that is present for a believer in Christ who passes through death's gate, the emotional roller coaster that goes along with a funeral is not something I welcome.

What are your thoughts?