More Than Meets The Eye

I can remember as a young boy waiting for one of my favorite cartoons to come on. It was Transformers. I was hooked on the battle between the Autobots and the Decepticons. It is funny now that my oldest son is a big fan of Transformers also. I can remember that line in the original theme song:

Transformers! More than meets the eye!

I loved that cartoon and those plastic toys. They looked like common vehicles but before you knew it, BOOM! They were robots ready to fight one another. Ah, the good ol' days...

I came across something not long ago that reminded me of the Transformers or at least the theme song. It is found in Joshua 9 from the Bible. Joshua was leading the people of Israel as they were conquering the Promised Land. They had defeated the great Jericho among others. Then they were approached by the Gibeonites.

The Gibeonites were a people that were next on the list of conquered land. They knew what was coming. They devised a plan of deceit in hopes of not being wiped out (v 3-13). You would think that this plan would be foiled, but it worked!

How could such deception deceive the people of God? Because they did not inquire the Lord about what was before them (v 14). They figured, "Look at all this proof! I got this one."

That's where we get in trouble. When we think that we can handle things and don't need the Lord to worry with this. This little thing is no big deal. As the Israelites found out, the little things can become big and lasting things quickly.