Give Thanks Day 19

One thing that I've learned about ministry is that you can't go at it alone. The task that The Lord calls each of His followers to (not just the pastors and missionaries) is one that calls for community. One can try to tackle this by himself, but he will find himself disappointed, discouraged, and throwing in the towel. In light of this observation, I would like to take a moment today and say thanks to the countless people who have supported me in the work God has called me to.

20131119-074202.jpgI realize more and more each day how the people that God has placed in my path at certain moments were planted their specifically by Him. He knew what I needed - whether it be monetary support, an encouraging word, or a kick in the pants - and put the right people in place to accomplish His will.

To those who have helped financially, lifted me up in prayer, put an arm around me and shared an encouraging word, or yes, even took me aside and lovingly gave me the kick in the pants I needed, I say a big "thank you!" I do not have enough room on this blog to mention each by name, but I hold the memory of your contribution to the work the Lord has called me to very close. I would definitely not be here if it weren't for the faithful saints of God being used in big and small ways.

Who can you invest in and encourage today?