Give Thanks Day 9

After missing yesterday, I need to get back on track with my thankful list. Today, I would like to thank The Lord for allowing college football to be invented. Saturdays in the fall are something I look forward to every year. The competition of the game is like nothing else.

The game of college football provides a much needed release also for me from ministry work. The work of a pastor is on-going. If I'm not careful, I will spend every waking hour thinking, planning, visioning, preparing... If I'm going to make it for the long haul, I need a release. For some time, college football has been that release for me.

If you're going to talk about college football, you have to talk about the greatest team there is: the Crimson Tide of Alabama. As they prepare to whoop up on some bayou bengals, I'll make plans to holler "Roll Tide" as much as possible!