Unaware Teacher

20140201-153752.jpgThis morning, I pulled up to the dining room table with my Bible, pen, journal, and a cup of coffee. That's certainly a good way to start the day. I was looking for some of that "daily bread" to get me through the day. I was jotting down some things that we're standing out. There were even a couple of things that stood out that might be in future sermons. One thing I didn't think I was doing was teaching, but apparently I was.

Before long, our three boys who are normally running wild with toys changed their focus. I could hear them in the living room. Our 6 year old, 3 year old, and 2 year old had all gone and gotten their Bibles. They were sitting in the living room doing what Daddy was doing.

I was humbled as I realized that this time of devotion was one of the best teaching times that I had. I want more than anything for my boys to know and follow Jesus like I do - even more. That isn't going to happen if I don't model it and show them that this following Jesus really works and is important. I need to let them see me reading the Bible not just in church, but at various times. I need to let them see me praying more than just at mealtime and bedtime.

You may not be intending on teaching, but be sure that there is someone that is watching and learning from you. What example are you teaching?


www.bluebirdsalwaysfly.wordpress.com said...

Whoa! perfect example of what I was blogging about. Those who look to us "do what we do", not necessarily what we say is good to do! Thanks for this post!