Lent 2014 Day 3

They go by different names in different sports. They are the 12th man in football. The 6th man in basketball. The home field advantage. They are the ones in the stands making a lot of noise. They can have a little sway, but mostly they are all noise.

I love sports. I especially love college football. I would spend every Saturday in the fall in front of a couple of TVs with various games on all day. But we know that wouldn't be any good.

I can really get into some of the games, especially if the University of Alabama is playing. I have been known to "holler" at the TV at times. My wife will often sarcastically call me "coach."

The truth is I can really make no difference in the game I'm so engrossed in. Why? Because I'm not on the field.

This same scenario plays out with ministry. When I say ministry, I am talking about the work that God is doing to bring His creation to Himself. There are many who make a lot of noise from the sidelines. The truth is that though they may make a lot of noise, there is no real impact being made by them.

Impact is made when a person hears Christ calling them to get into the game and obeys. They may not be the best. They may not have the most talent. They have the one thing that is needed though: Christ.

As we move towards the resurrection, let us remember those whom Christ has called and worked through to accomplish His purposes. They may not all be the "5 stars," but the ones on the field are making the difference.