Lent 2014 Day 4

Temptation comes in many subtle forms. It amazes me how so many think that temptation just comes at us in blatant ways. I've experienced in my life time and time again that temptation is hardly blatant in its approach.

In Matthew 4, One can see Jesus under the weight of temptation.

This passage shows us a couple of things about temptation.

The true author behind all temptation. We see that Satan is behind each temptation. He cannot make us do anything against our will, but he can make it look appealing.

The true intent of all temptation. Every single temptation is an attempt to thwart and offset the work of God. It may not even be a personal beef that Satan had with you. It might just be you are in the way of fire as he tries to steal glory from The Lord.

The many faces of temptation. It would be nice if temptation wore just one mask. The truth is temptation comes in various forms. It comes at us trying to get us to look at a different goal or accomplish the right goal in the wrong manner. We must be alert to the schemes of the Devil (2 Corinthians 2:11.

While temptation lies at every corner, the one who trusts and follows Jesus has victory because He has already conquered both temptation an the tempter.