ACTS Prayer Model

Prayer is one powerful tool that a Christian has, but it seems as though many do not use it. It might be that they have never been taught to pray. It could be a number of reasons.

We see that prayer was an important part of Jesus' life and ministry here on earth. It was so important that when His disciples had opportunity to ask anything of Him, they asked Him to teach them to pray (Luke 11:1).

One of the best models in teaching people to pray is the ACTS model - adoration, confession, thanksgiving, supplications.  This model has been used by many to help people grow in their prayer life.  I have found this model to be very helpful myself.  I am currently taking the church where I serve as pastor through this model on Wednesday nights during our prayer meeting time.

The first part of this model is adoration.  I truly believe that this is one part that we might look over in our times of prayer.  Some view this as what takes place in the "praise and worship" times of our lives.  Showing our adoration to the God of the universe is not something that should be kept to our musical times of worship.  We should continuously show our adoration to God in every part of our lives.

When Jesus was asked about the greatest commandment in all of the Law of God (Matthew 22:34-40), He replied that the most important is to love God with all that is within us.  Interestingly, Jesus didn't leave it there.  He said that the second most important commandment was to love others as ourselves.  There is no way that we can love those around us the way we should if the relationship with God is out of sorts.

Before we come to God with our "wish list" maybe we should stop for a minute and just show Him and express to Him the best that we can how much we truly love Him.

How are you doing with expressing your adoration to your Heavenly Father?