Know the Enemy Part 3

This is the third post in this series about recognizing our enemy in the spiritual war that we find ourselves in. You can see the previous posts here and here. As we continue identifying the tactics of our enemy, we come to this third tactic: He sets traps to ensnare you.

Flip Wilson, comedian from the 1970s, was famous for the phrase "the devil made me do it."  One of his characters would always say that phrase when they did something they were not supposed to.  The phrase became widely used by people around the country.  Many people still to this day will blame the devil on their behavior.

The Bible is very clear that the devil would like nothing more than to trap you in a lifestyle of sin.  Sin is destructive at all levels.  We can see how the abuse of drugs and alcohol destroys a person.  We can see the damage that murder and rape cause.  The "little sins" like "white lies" and lust can do just as much damage.

Isn't it interesting that we find ourselves tempted in our "weak areas" and not our "strong areas" most of the time.  For someone who struggles with finances there always seems to be another sale.  For someone who struggles with pornography there are images flashing before them at every turn.

The Bible tells us that the devil has a specific plan with the traps that he lays to ensnare us.  2 Timothy 2:26 says, “Then they may come to their senses and escape the Devil’s trap, having been captured by him to do his will.”  Do you see it?  The traps that the devil lays for us are to ensnare us and make our lives do what he wants, not God.  The traps of sin in our lives will keep us from doing God's will in our lives.

We need to be aware of our surroundings.  It would not be wise for a soldier in battle to just aimlessly walk around because there is no telling where mines have been placed to sideline him/her.  We need to walk with an awareness about us as Christians as well.  There are snares all around looking to get us off the field of play.  If we find ourselves ensnared, we have One that has paid for our deliverance (Jesus), and we need to call to Him and repent.


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