Book Review: Charis by Preston Sprinkle

Charis: God's Scandalous Grace for Us
by Preston Sprinkle
Published by David C. Cook

One topic that never gets old is the topic of grace.  I believe that it is because at the core, we all realize that we are in desperate need of grace.  Grace from God, family, friends, co-workers, etc.  We all need grace.

In Charis, Preston Sprinkle puts another book out on the market that tries to help the readers get a little better grasp on the grace of God.  In the preface of the book, Sprinkle begins with "Seriously?  Another book on grace?  Trust me, this one will be different."

After reading this book, I would have to agree that this book is definitely not many others that try to tackle the topic of grace.  Sprinkle brings his teaching experience to show the grace of God as it is played out throughout the entire Bible.

When people typically think about grace and the Bible, it is common for their attention to turn to the New Testament.  Sprinkle does a good job of showing in this book just how rich the Old Testament is with the theme of grace.  There are 10 chapters in this book, and 8 of them deal with the Old Testament.

One of the things that I really appreciated about this book was the language that was used.  Some might find some of the language offensive, but I believe that Sprinkle has developed a work that speaks to real life situations and helps bring the story of the Bible to modern-day readers that might not be so entrenched in Bible terms.

Recommendation Grade: B

It was a quick, easy read that helped bring the topic of God's amazing, scandalous grace into focus for us today.  I would not say that this is a MUST read, but I would not turn anyone away from it either.