Pray For Our Mission Team

This Saturday, about 20 people will load up from our county and head to the Belle Chasse area of New Orleans.  This group will be working with Impact Church to minister to their community.  We will be doing Backyard Bible Clubs in a local apartment complex, a block party, and other things that we can find to share the love of Christ with the people of Belle Chasse.

I am excited about this trip for many reasons, but one important one is that this is the first time my entire family will be with me on a mission trip.  I want my family to see that ministry is not "Dad's job" but the life that God has called us to, and each of us have a part to play.

I ask that you pray with me for...

  • safe travels
  • good weather
  • open hearts to the Gospel
  • team members grow in their faith
  • Impact Church
  • the churches that are sending members on this trip will be blessed
Thank you in advance for your prayers.  I look forward to sharing with you all about the amazing work that God does on this trip.