Book Review: "Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart"

Recently, I received a copy of Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart by J.D. Greear.  I had heard about this book from different people.  I was very anxious to read this book.  I will admit that the title of this book had me intrigued.

In Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart, J.D. Greear puts forth a work that attempts to tackle the issue of assurance of one's salvation.  Greear shares from his own journey with Christ and dealing with doubts about his own salvation.

The biggest strength of this book is Greear's use of the Bible.  When it comes to finding out the truth on a matter and giving someone a guarantee of something, there is no better source than the Bible.  Greear does an excellent job of showing how the Bible gives a person complete assurance of salvation.

This is one topic that I believe is troubling many people in the church.  There are many people who believe that they are in good standing with God because they said a "prayer."  There is also a lot of good Christians who are sitting on the sidelines wrestling with doubts who could be on the front lines helping bring the life-giving gospel of Jesus Christ to the world.  Greear helps clear the air in this small book on how a person is "saved" and can know for sure that they are in the family of God.  I would suggest that every Christian and even those who are investigating the claims of Jesus Christ read this book.  It will give some pointed answers to some very important questions.