They Are Listening More Than You May Know

This week has been a pretty good week. It has been a full week but a good one. It was great to see four congregations join together this week for a series of services as we were seeking God's revival in our hearts and community. With all the "competition" that happens between churches, it was refreshing to see some come together as one. 

I had the privilege of preaching at the Tuesday night service. We were rolling on a theme of the essential elements of the Gospel.  I got to preach on the resurrection of Jesus. I was excited about it all. I thought that the night went well. I wouldn't know how much until later...

We have three boys: 8, 5, & 4 years old. It is always "fun" when you try to take that crowd to any place. Most of the time, when our crew is going to corporate worship, it is my bride who is trying to wrangle these boys together while I stand to preach. Being in a different building, with a different group of people... We didn't know how this would go. 

We went back to an old battle plan. We would take notebooks and colors so that they would be able to draw and hopefully not disturb others around. What would happen during the service Tuesday night, there is no way I could have seen it coming. 

The picture above is from my oldest son's notebook. When I looked at it closely, I immediately recognized the drawings. It was my sermon. My oldest son was illustrating in his mind and on his paper what I was saying from the pulpit. It was truly humbling. The pages above were an illustration of Jesus' encounter with the two travelers heading home to Emmaus. See it?

I was reminded this morning from my devotional reading that God cares greatly for children. Jesus said that if we do not become like little children, we will not enter the Kingdom of God (Matthew 18:3). He also said that if anyone causes a little one to stumble, it would not be good (Matthew 18:6). 

It may seem like the little ones that are around us are oblivious to what is going on, but God used my oldest son to remind me that they are listening much closer to what we are saying than we may realize.