Last night, our church had its Thanksgiving service. We started things out in the traditional Southern Baptist way: eating a meal. I'm not complaining, because it was good. We then had a testimony service where people were sharing what they were thankful for. One of the ministers on staff stood up and challenged the congregation with something. He challenged them to take some time and make a "Top Ten" list of things that you are thankful for.

This got me to thinking about the many ways that God has blessed me. To narrow the field down to ten seems to be the biggest chore. After putting a little thought into it, I think that I have my list.

  1. My relationship with the living God made possible by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
  2. A godly wife who challenges me daily to walk close to the Lord.
  3. My awesome son, Drew for giving me a clear picture of what unconditional love and patience is.
  4. Living in a country where I am free.
  5. Knowing that freedom isn't free, I'm thankful to those men and women who are daily in harm's way protecting us here at home.
  6. Good friends that you can share life experiences and trials with.
  7. Alabama Crimson Tide football - it may not be the best quality at the moment, but there's nothing else like it.
  8. Technology - I know this is a weird one, but it has been great for keeping the attention and curiosity of us ADD people going.
  9. Trials - because without these, there would be no need to really exercise my faith.
  10. Creativity - without this everything would be the same... nothing special... nothing extraordinary...

What is your "Top Ten" thankful list?