Final Day in the Office

Today was my final day in the office at FBC Fairhope. I must say that it was a good experience for the most part. I did not spend it behind a desk or anything like that. Our church hosted a simulcast of Maximum Impact. It was awesome. It was a leadership conference featuring many great leaders from different walks of life. It proved to be 7 hours of well-spent time. I got a lot of good reminders as well as some new insight in leadership. It was perfect timing as I'm looking to start anew in Birmingham. The sad part of the day was after the conference I cleaned out the office and brought everything to the house. It really hit me today that this is it. We're on our way out of Fairhope and heading to Birmingham in a matter of days. I'm looking forward to the new work, but I'm also sad to leave many great friends behind. It's a good thing we have phones and email to stay connected.