A Needed Friend

This week has been one crazy week.  It seems like so many things have happened this week that it feels more like a month has elapsed.  One key moment of my week took place on Wednesday.  I had lunch with a man who is a part of our local fellowship of believers.  He is one who has committed to come alongside me and truly serve as a deacon.  He proved to be much more than that on Wednesday.  As we were eating lunch and talking, he pushed me because he "saw something was bothering me."  I told him that the only thing that might be bothering me was the situation with our unsold house in south Alabama.  The conversation went on and on... and I began to realize that I had been stuffing many emotions and other things under the carpet of my life.  This time with this good friend helped to drag all that garbage out and deal with some things that I hadn't previously noticed.  To my friend, I am truly grateful. 15367-06cp

Since this meeting, it has been on my mind just how much we truly need other godly people in our lives.  We have been created to live in community with 1) God through His Son, Jesus Christ, and 2) other people.  As one in full-time ministry, I have to fight the urge to wear the appearance that "everything's cool."  As God has reminded me this week, it is vitally important that we have someone in our lives that's also walking with the Lord who can help us see what we can't.

Wounds from a sincere friend
are better than many kisses from an enemy.
~ Proverbs 27:6 NLT