Reflections of the Week

This week I have been in New Orleans at NOBTS for a workshop on church leadership and administration. It has been a great class that I think every minister in a church situation (Senior Pastor, Youth Pastor, Children's Pastor, etc) should take a course or workshop on this subject. I went into the workshop looking froward to the leadership part of it, but the administration part was not a thrill to me. I have never been an admin giant. After this workshop, I am still not an admin giant, but I definitely see the need for it clearly.

Another thing this week was watching some of the BCS National Championship with a local fellowship. I was very grateful for Memorial Baptist Church in Metairie, LA for being a gracious host to this Alabama fan. I was the lone Bama fan in the building, but the fellowship was sweet.

While the week was a good one... I'm glad to have these credits and class out if the way... the times fast approaching that I will be pointing the headlights towards the house where my bride and boys are waiting.


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