Happy Birthday, Mom

20121012-123654.jpg63 years ago today, one of the greatest women to ever walk the planet earth was born. Normally, a woman would not be crazy about someone broadcasting her age all over the world wide web, but I have a feeling that this woman has more important things on her mind, namely seeing Jesus face to face day after day. You see, on January 23, 2011, she went to be with her Savior and Lord.

This woman, like many others, carried many titles: daughter, sister, nurse, friend, wife, and more. To me, there was just one title that she had: mom.

Today, if she were here, we would be celebrating her 63rd birthday. Though she only saw 61 years here on this earth, she lived each day of them to the fullest. There were times of turmoil, but many times of joy - especially spent with her family.

The love she had for her family was one of the greatest traits I believe she passed on to me. She taut me that though sometimes family might disappoint at times we still need to live and hold onto hope. Thanks, mom.

As we remember my mom on her birthday, I encourage you to take time to remember and love on your mom. You never know when that physical opportunity to will be gone. Take time today to build memories for when you can't see them. There's nothing in the world like an awesome, loving mom. I know from experience.