Happy 3rd, Sam

20130604-080100.jpgIt was three years ago today that we found ourselves in the hospital. While that might be an alarming statement at first, this was not a bad thing. It was three years ago today that The Lord decided that it was time for our son, Sam, to make his entrance into the light of day. Though that day came four weeks earlier than we expected, it was a welcomed day.

I really do not think that we had any idea as to what would be in store for us through this bundle of joy. It has certainly been a journey, and he has definitely made it interesting. He has taken us down the road of finding how long (or short) our fuse can be. It was through two ear tubes surgeries and the removal of adenoids that I learned the reality that he will not always be around.

As we celebrate our Sam's third today, I am reminded of one key lesson that was taught to me through him:

No matter how stubborn they may be, no matter how much they may work your nerves, children are a blessing from God and are to be cherished.

Here's to you, Sam. Happy 3rd birthday!