Book Review: "Beat God to the Punch"

Beat-God-to-the-PunchDr. Eric Mason is the cofounder and lead pastor of Epiphany Fellowship.  Dr. Mason's latest book is titled Beat God to the Punch: Because Jesus Demands Your Life, and it hit the shelves on September 15th.  I was lucky enough to receive a copy of Dr. Mason's work for review purposes from BH Publishing Group.

In Beat God to the Punch, Dr. Mason encourages readers to "beat God to the punch" by submitting their lives t the lordship of Jesus Christ and living a grace-filled life.  The punch that Dr. Mason refers to is the judgment that will fall one day upon all of creation that chooses not to recognize Jesus as He truly is: Lord of all.

There are some really good things to this book.

  • First, it is a quick read.  The book is a whole 108 pages long (including the notes).  In our fast-paced lives and busy schedules, not many have the time to sit and devote a great deal of time to reading.  Dr. Mason has done a good job of making some great points in a short amount of time.

  • Second, this work is saturated with Scripture.  Dr. Mason is quick to share his thoughts but truly leans on the word of God to validate the points that he intends to make with this work.  There is hardly a page in the entire book where a Bible verse is not mentioned or eluded to.  This goes a long way with me.

  • Third, the movement of focus to the grace of God.  Dr. Mason moves the focus quickly from the coming judgment to the grace of God.  It is not so much about missing the coming judgment as it is living life in light of the wonderful grace of God.  Dr. Mason does a terrific job in bringing the reader's focus to this point.

Recommendation Grade: B-

I have been told by BH Publishing, that a copy is available for a giveaway.  If you would like a free copy of Beat God to the Punch, leave a comment in the comment section of this blog telling why you would like a copy.  One winner will be chosen on Friday, September 26, 2014.


Zachary Lux said...

I attended a conference last year where I had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Mason speak and soon after picked up his first book, Manhood Restored. I have been awaiting the release of Beat God to the Punch ever since. In a time in history where the world we live in is constantly exchanging the truth of God for a lie, and would have you believe that the day of judgement is not to be feared or even thought of, I am thankful for Eric Mason and other authors of his mindset that do not shy away from truth. I look forward to reading this book.