Call me simple, but I never cease to be amazed. Just when I think I know how something will turn out, God comes along and reminds me that He's in control and that things don't always go the way you thought that they would. Last Wednesday night, we did a break from the normal way of doing things at our church's youth service. We had something that was called a "Night of Offerings." It turned out to be really cool. We had a couple of our youth sing some songs, one girl got up and read Scripture, and one girl revealed a piece of art that she had put together made up of pictures of people from the youth group and other creative things. I shared about the widow giving her "little" offering that would equal less than a penny today. We moved on to talk about how life is about giving our awesome God offerings of praise, our time, our lives, and our gifts. At the end of the service, we gave an invitation for students who did not have a relationship with Christ to give an offering of their life to God and receive the gift of salvation that only He can provide. One young man, a 7th grader, came to me and said, "I want that."

Amazing. I guess my thoughts have been here lately about what are we giving God? Do we take the time to give Him what He's due? Do we give Him our leftovers?