The News Is Out

Well, the news is out. We are fixing to move to Birmingham in a couple of weeks. We will be serving at First Baptist Church of Birmingham, Alabama as the minister to students. We are excited about this move, but also a little torn. I guess there is always a little part of you that doesn't want to move on to new things, but when God calls you have to answer. We shared with the youth at First Baptist Church of Fairhope, Alabama the news last night. Once again, I was blown away by these students here in Fairhope that God has given us the awesome privilege of working with. I know that the news came as a shock at first, but then the students responded in a heart-gripping prayer session. They pulled me aside and prayed for me and our family during this time of transition. It was a beautiful scene. To see students who had a grasp on the big picture of things and stand behind us was awesome. We are going to miss seeing them all the time, but look forward to seeing and hearing about all that God does in their lives.