American Idol and Children's Musical

I must say that I was shocked at the result of this year's American Idol. Don't get me wrong... I was a big fan of David Cook, but I really thought that little Archuleta took it with his performances. Let's be honest though, both of these guys have big futures ahead of them. I was shocked to see that 12 million votes separated these two guys.

Last night we had a children's musical at our church. A couple of things I just have to mention. First, these things can be really good if you get in to them. Second, I was super proud of our students. Normally we meet and have our "student time" on Wednesday nights. Last night we decided to earn some brownie points with the rest of the church. But truthfully, this is what it's all about. Sure, you can take a group off and do "your own thing" or you can help the students see that they are part of a bigger picture. The latter is what I was going for last night. I know that the students weren't all that interested in the program, but they sat there. Presence can speak volumes. I had many people come up to me after the program and thank me for having the students in there. I am so proud that they didn't just go out to the cars and leave because we weren't doing "the youth thing." I hope that they saw that they were ministers of encouragement last night just by sitting in some pews during a children's program.