Prince Caspian and the Mythbusters

I know that you're probably wondering, "what in the world do these two topics have in common?" That would be a good question. The only thing that I know of at this moment is that we experienced both of them this past weekend. Saturday was a wonderful day for me and my bride, Naomi. We finally got a day to ourselves. Naomi's parents came in town to watch little Drew and we went out on the town. We cashed in a gift card and ate at a great local Chinese resturaunt then went to see the movie Prince Caspian. It was really good I thought. It seemed to have its own life apart from the first one. Sometimes sequels will just be so much of a repeat from the first. That was not the case with Prince Caspian. The only thing that bothered me was trying to figure out who C.S. Lewis was trying to portray with this Prince Caspian guy. I must confess, I have never read the books. I told Naomi that I felt like that old Switchfoot song "Chem 6A." It is from way back before anyone knew who Switchfoot was. There was a line in the song that went something like:

"I don't want to read the book; I'll watch the movie!"

Saturday evening was filled with me and Naomi going to see "The Mythbusters"
from the Discovery Channel TV show. I was really looking forward to this. They were in town as part of some fundraiser for the area high schools. I must say that I was slightly disappointed with the night. I thought that they might show a couple of their experiments or something. But all Adam and Jamie did was sit on stools with a local radio personality and talk. They did show a couple of videos that were cool, but two hours of watching an interview wasn't what I was looking forward to.