National Day of Prayer

Today has been the National Day of Prayer. Seeing that I work in a church, it has been busy here and people have been in and out more than the usual Thursday. I think that it is a great thing to gather people together for the purpose of prayer. I know that today is a great reminder for us as Christians that we are to be a people of prayer. But I must be honest, I have a couple of concerns about the whole idea. Let me first say that I am about people coming together to pray. But as I think about the "National Day of Prayer", I think about these concerns:

  1. Does it take a "program" to get us to drop to our knees together in prayer? I have seen and heard about people who would not normally come together doing so for this event. What is so different about any other day? I hope that this time of prayer together with others may spark a fire for God's people to come together and pray together more often.

  2. Will we pray as hard for the next President of the United States after they take office? One of the key elements that people are asked to pray about is for our governmental officials. Many Christians have no problem praying for "W", but will that continue if the next President isn't as outspoken about their faith or if they have differing religious views from Christian? We are not told to pray for our leaders who are just Christian. We are to pray for them all. I hope that this time next year the prayers that are being lifted up for our governmental officials will only increase.

Just a few thoughts I had... I pray that God's will would be done here just as it is in Heaven. May we be a people who are known first by our love and then by our prayer-life.